A drop of water is a simple, fun and useful way to keep rainwater

Casus At this point in time, our freshwater reserves are in danger due to our industry that pollutes the water with hormones, pesticides and other chemicals. Our drinking water is becoming harder to acquire and more difficult to purify. Because global warming is kicking in causing worldwide drought, it is time to be more economical with our fresh drinking water and to gain more conscience about how we deal with our water.

A lot of people know about our problems with water, but don’t know how to contribute to a better management of our drinking water. The challenge in this project then was to design a product that makes it really easy and fun to save water and makes it tangible and accessible for everyone.

Result The result of my design process is a rain barrel called ‘A drop of water’. In this barrel a watering can is integrated that is automatically filled every time it rains, because it is located right underneath the drainage tube. When this watering can is completely filled with rainwater, the surplus will automatically fill the reservoir of the rain barrel, so you could refill the watering can after using it. So, ‘A drop of water’ provides a full watering can whenever you need it, which makes watering the garden even easier than when you would have to fill the watering can yourself with tap water first. Apart from that, the user will now use ‘free’ water for irrigating the garden, which would otherwise have gone down the drain. By doing so, the user contributes to a better management of our fresh drinking water without any inconvenience.