Everytime someone flushes the toilet, three liters of clean water are consumed. For an average person, that's equivalent to more than 1800 liters a year. Is it acceptable to use such an amount of pure water while one in three people of the Earth doesn’t have enough to drink?


Flow is a concept combining a wash basin with an urinal. The idea is utterly simple; it consists of using the leftover water from the wash basin as the flush for the urinal.
Replacing the standard urinal and sink with Flow keeps only the essential: one tap, one water supply, and one waste pipe - that's half the stuff of the standard installation!

Flow lowers water consumption, minimizes installation costs and reduces the amount of raw material to be used.


Flow’s design works with a very simple principle: if the water flow is shown and beautiful to watch, everyone will use Flow as it is meant to be used. The idea is to create a spectacular flow of water between the two parts of the product, in order to get a satisfying look, and sound.


Flow’s form evokes water running from the source to downstream, all while floating in the space.

The distance between the two parts of Flow also has a function: it allows, without breaking out the visual continuity of the object, to effectively separate the two zones, for hygiene and privacy.

Materials and production

Flow can be industrialized with various materials:

Ceramic, the classic choice for this kind of product, is an evident choice : coming from the earth, its production has a low environmental impact, and it's easy to recycle.

Wood: astonishing yet perfectly suitable for production, as wood was one of the materials considered while developing Flow's form.The idea is to build the complex form of Flow with thin and flexible layers of wood glued together. This complex form is then varnished to give a glossy appearance and water resistance.

Recycled aluminum will give a high-tech look to Flow while being truly ecological. Colored with natural pigments, it can come in a vast range of colors.


Linen fiber: this innovative and green material can also be used to produce Flow. Rough, without paint, it will give to Flow a contemporary and natural look.

Flow is a registered design